Tuesday, June 2, 2009

yAnG sEbeNarnyA

alamak...xnampak lak kta2 dlm sajak yg aku edit 2..xpa2 aku tulis blk k..korang bc la..aku bru dpat tau aku ni jiwang rp2nya...hahahahahahahaha

so close to say good bye...

i dont know how to tell you
i dont know what to do
i want to say that i love you
but our love is fading too

you always gone with friend
leaving me alone to cry
i've been telling you about this
but all you do is sigh

i wish it was like it to be
you always wanting to hold me
i know that it is just a wish
and that will never be

now i hope you finally realize
what it almost came down too
i didn't want to do it
but i was close to saying....Good bye..

ni sajak yang kedua lak....

my love...
when alone,i always thinking about the times we shares,
joke,laugh and cries were always in our love,
you always make me happy,
i feel save if you were around..

my love...
can you remember our times??
the times that we have been together,
the times when we rides motorcycle together,
the times when we finish our assignment together,
the times when we study together,
oh God!!!
that was really wonderful,
when your love was inside me..

my love...
you are my soul,
without you i will die,
i really love you,
you are my first love and only love,
forever you will in my truly heart...