Friday, May 15, 2009


aku slalu je termenung...terpikir cmna ekk nk hapy..pas2 aku pn search la kt tenet cr2 nk hapy..pas2 jmpa la dr sapa tah..aku pn xknl...hahahahahahaha

How to become happy?

By Julie Rosset

We can consciously initiate or provide the mental and physical conditions that our brain will naturally translate into feelings and emotions.

Some good advice for that:

1. Smile even when you don’t feel like it. Many studies have shown that people who force themselves to smile eventually develop a more positive attitude towards challenges and setbacks. Smile the moment you wake up. Smile as you put yourself to sleep. Smile at everyone you meet.

2. Laugh. Get some air into your lungs! More oxygen, more energy, brighter day! Ten minutes of laughter a day is all you need to ensure a life of contentment. In Asia some companies have a daily “laughter break”. Employees walk to a park, form a circle, and force themselves to laugh non-stop for 15 minutes. Company executives swear that this relaxation break has caused worker enthusiasm and productivity to soar!

3. Think only positive thoughts, speak only positive words. Every time you start to think or say something negative, stop. Change your sentences into the positive. Pessimists complain about their problems; optimists think of solutions. Advise, rather than criticize. Encourage, inspire, motivate – yourself and others. And always count your blessings.

Our emotions are dictated by our perception of the world around us. And our reactions are a product of choice - we can “choose” to be happy and optimistic – or angry or sad.